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With the ever increasing demands and requirements of more efficient lighting, the use of light emitting diodes is an ideal solution. The ZMP led luminaire has been designed and developed to meet the most stringent of specifications and energy saving requirements. The design incorporates high output led boards available in both a neutral white and a warm white colour temperature resulting in a luminaire ideal for most commercial and residential applications.

A corridor function option is available within the range with a 10% pre-set dimming output. This enables the fixture to operate at 10% light level therefore reducing energy costs when areas are un-occupied. Once a remote or integral movement sensor senses that the area is occupied the luminare will operate at 100% light output and dim down to 10% once the sensor has timed out. An integral Microwave sensor is also available, an ideal solution in situations where existing luminaires are being replaced with more efficient LED lighting and existing cabling prevents the wiring of remote sensors.

The ZMP emegency range can now be supplied with the latest in Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Battery technology with a 4 year battery warranty.


Key features

IP20 suitable for internal environments

Impact rating of IK06

TP(a) fire rated

CRI >80

Efficacy of up to 131lm/W

Nominal life-time of >72,000 hr (L80/B10)

Colour stability with 3 step MacAdam

High colour rendering index CRI > 80

Emergency BLF = 420 lm

For DALI dimmable suffix /DIM
For Casambi enabled suffix /CAS
For sensor (on/off) suffix /SEN
For corridor function (10%) suffix /COR
For self-contained emergency suffix /EMR
For self-test emergency suffix /MON
For DALI addressable emergency suffix /EMP

Sensor Options                                 
• On-off, no daylight control suffix /F1
• On-off, with daylight control suffix /F2
• Corridor function, no daylight control suffix /F3
• Corridor function, with daylight control suffix /F4
• Dimm to off, no daylight control suffix /F5
• Dimm to off, with daylight control suffix /F6

i.e. ZMP/3060/4/CAS/MON =
ZMP, 3060 lumens, 23W, 4000K, Casambi enabled, c/w
Monitor self-test emergency


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Datasheet PDF
Installation Guide Available Upon Request
High Resolution Image JPEG
Dimensions JPEG
Eulumdat File LDT
Part code Output (lm) Power (W) Efficacy (lm/W) Colour temp (K) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
ZMP/2160/3 2163 18 124 3000 430 430 120 1.90
ZMP/2270/4 2269 18 130 4000 430 430 120 1.90
ZMP/2910/3 2913 23 125 3000 430 430 120 1.90
ZMP/3060/4 2913 23 3060 3000 430 430 120 1.90
ZMP/3600/3 3601 29 124 3000 430 430 120 1.90
ZMP/3790/4 3791 30 130 4000 430 430 120 1.90

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