Human Centric Lighting

Casambi Tuneable White

The Casambi Tuneable white system allows the user an easy and convenient way of controlling not only the intensity of light but also the colour temperature.


Casambi offers a comprehensive colour temperature control. LDL can define the limits of the Casambi ready Tunable White luminaire beforehand so it appears with the correct levels in the Casambi App. A user can change in a simple manner the colour temperature for the luminaire just by sliding the finger on top of a luminaire icon.

In addition to the manual controls, the Casambi app allows scenes and animations to be programmed so that the lighting system can follow pre-defined colour temperatures and intensity at different times of the day.


Download Casambi Datasheet

Mymesh Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a trend in the ‘lighting’ industry that explores how lighting influences people's wellbeing, both physically and psychologically. It is based on biological phenomena that occurs in the body and that are influenced by light. This is a natural process in natural daylight in an outdoor space, however, most indoor spaces are dominated by artificial light. We can influence this process by using artificial lighting wisely. With colour changing lighting and the correct intelligent control system, we can let the artificial lighting follow and imitate natural daylight.

HCL can be used for any application, but research suggests that it will be most effective in healthcare (first and foremost elderly care and mental healthcare), schools and offices. The results will be more significant in places where natural light is less abundant.

Although effects of Human Centric Lighting are well established in a laboratory setting, scientific research on the effectiveness in a real-life installation is still ongoing. Subjective feedback is very positive for certain applications, and indications are strong that it has a positive impact on wellbeing.

The effect on body and mind

Thousands of years of evolution have made the human body and physiology know when to rest, sleep and be active. This is called the circadian rhythm. It not only determines when we sleep, but also when we eat and influences our body temperature, blood sugar levels, cell repair and much more. This rhythm is governed by the natural fluctuation of hormones, cortisol and melatonin. The levels are influenced by our activity, lifestyle, and external factors such as sunlight and temperature.

LDL can design a HCL system incorporating the Mymesh system, which allows tuneable white luminaires to be programmed to change colour temperature and intensity depending on the situation. Profiles can be set that mean the luminaire automatically follow a curve simulating the colour temperatures and intensities of natural daylight.  Switches can also be incorporated to allow the user to set scenes locally.


Download MyMesh Datasheet