Intelligent Emergency Lighting 

Tridonic hard wired DALI emergency lighting management

Simple, reliable, and scalable to any project size.

Simple control is the great advantage of the Tridonic emergency lighting system: installation is done quickly, and all tests are run automatically at the right time in accordance with BS5266. 

LDL manufacture DALI emergency luminaires which then can be incorporated into a DALI emergency lighting network which is managed by the Tridonic x/e touchPANEL.

The local control panel shows the status of the emergency lighting system and can be interrogated to exraxt information.  It also has the ability to be connected via the internet to report back to a dashboard remotely.









Key features of the system

Designed for small and medium emergency lighting systems with up to 120 DALI emergency lighting units (60 for each DALI line) per DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02

Function and endurance tests can be conducted in accordance with BS5266

Supports patented addressing function (“EZ easy addressing”)

Individual labelling of groups and devices

Calendar-controlled function and duration test

Interconnection of up to 25 panels for bigger installations possible