LED Hi Bay
Trent Sport

Product Overview

An versatile industrial LED hi-bay luminaire with a modern construction and high impact resistance.

Impact rating of IK10

IP65 suitable for external environments

Optics: 40°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 30x70° light beam, silicone rubber sealing, impact resistance

Trent Sport

Key features

IP65 suitable for external environments

Impact rating of IK10

For 3000K optic suffix /3
For 4000K optic suffix /4
For 40deg optic suffix /40
For 60deg optic suffix /60
For 90deg optic suffix /90
For 120deg optic suffix /120
For High Rack 30x70deg optic suffix /HR
For DALI dimmable suffix /DIM
For casambi enabled suffix /CAS
For emergency suffix /EMR
For monitor self-test suffix /MON
For addressable Emergency suffix /EMP

i.e. TRE/2/25400/4/60 =
Trent Sport Hi Bay 645mm Length, 25363lm, 149W, 4000K c/w 60deg Optics fitted.


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Datasheet PDF
Installation Details PDF
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Dimensions JPEG
Eulumdat File LDT
REVIT File Available Upon Request
Part code Output (lm) Power (W) Efficacy (lm/W) Weight (kg)
TRE/SP/1/6650 6650 42 159 2.8kg
TRE/SP/1/7530 7530 48 157 2.8kg
TRE/SP/1/9300 9285 61 152 2.8kg
TRE/SP/1/11000 11000 73 152 2.8kg
TRE/SP/1/12700 12681 85 149 2.8kg
TRE/SP/2/15100 15061 94 160 4.3kg
TRE/SP/2/18600 18570 119 156 4.3kg
TRE/SP/2/22000 21999 145 152 4.3kg
TRE/SP/2/25400 25363 171 149 4.3kg
TRE/SP/3/27900 27854 179 156 6.5kg
TRE/SP/3/33000 32999 218 152 6.5kg
TRE/SP/3/38050 38044 256 158 6.5kg

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