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The Maximo LED Sports Floodlight is available in two wattages with specially designed optical systems to provide uniform light levels for sports applications and architectural highlighting. Three beam patterns provide optical distribution that is designed to replace HID lighting systems of 400W to 1500W MH or HPS.

Typical sports applications include football, rugby, golf, motor vehicle tracks, tennis and outdoor recreation. Commercial flood light and accent lighting applications include retail centers, theme parks, schools and universities, public transit and airports, mid and high rise buildings and bridge structures. Mounting heights of up to 25 metres can be used based on light level and uniformity requirements.


Key features

IP66 suitable for external environments

Impact rating of IK10

Efficacy of up to 112lm/W

Nominal life-time of 50,000 h (L80/B10)

Mounting heights of up to 24 metres


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Part code Output (lm) Power (W) Colour temp (K)
MAX/3/10/4 31006 294 4000
MAX/3/10/5 31283 294 5000
MAX/3/15/4 32008 294 4000
MAX/3/15/5 32799 294 5000
MAX/3/20/4 31873 294 4000
MAX/3/20/5 32942 294 5000
MAX/6/10/4 60276 588 4000
MAX/6/10/5 61893 588 5000
MAX/6/15/4 63573 588 4000
MAX/6/15/5 64973 588 5000
MAX/6/20/4 63005 588 4000
MAX/6/20/5 63972 588 5000

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