Emergency Downlight

Emergency Downlight

Product Overview

The LED3/KIT is an unobtrusive emergency LED downlighter ideal for most commercial, hospitality and retail applications. The non maintained downlighter will operate for 3 hours during a mains power failure and is fitted with a halo green LED charge light that is designed to dim with the ambient lighting of the room, making this product perfect for hotel rooms. This allows the occupant of the room a restful night sleep without unwanted light disturbance.

There are two heads to choose from, colours to choose from, black or white and two optics available within the range, an open area 135° optic (up to 267 lumens) or corridor 155° x 115° optic (up to 266 lumens) making the luminaire suitable for various applications.

The standard 3 hour emergency kits and DALI addressable kits are supplied with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries as standard.


Key features

Plug and Play with Plugs and Sockets

Extra Long Life LiFePO4 Batteries

550mA Emergency Output

Non-Maintained Operation

Cables with Strain Relief for Simple Installation

For white (Ral 9016) finish suffix /W
For black (Ral 9005) finish suffix /B
For silver (Ral 9006) finish suffix /S
For open area optic suffix /OA
For corridor optic suffix /CO
For 3hr self-contained Monitor self-test emergency suffix /MON
For 3hr self-contained DALI emergency suffix /EMP

i.e. LED3/KIT/W/OA/MON, LED3 Kit, white, open area optic c/w 3hr Monitor self-test emergency.


Document Title Format Download Single Add to zip
Datasheet PDF
Installation guide PDF
High resolution image JPEG
Dimensions JPEG
Eulumdat Files LDT
Part code Output (lm) Power (W) Battery Type Dimensions
LED3/KIT/IP 266 2 LiFePO4 See technical drawing
LED3/KIT/DIM 266 2 LiFePO4 See technical drawing

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